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Master Plan
3 Storey Shophouses
Double Storey Semi Detached Type A perspective
Double Storey Semi Detached - Type B
Double Storey Terrace - Type A Presepctive
Double Storey Terrace Type B - Prespective
Single Storey Terrace Type A- Prespective
Single Storey Terrace Type B - Prespective
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Welcome to Chen Ling Development Sdn Bhd website.

As a dynamic and innovative upscale property developer and owner, Chen Ling Development Sdn Bhd is committed to creating long term value to our homeowner, investor and guest while setting the benchmark for the better standard in all areas of our operations. "CENTRAL CITY", "CENTRAL VILLA" & "CENTRAL TOWN" , a project located in one of the fastest developing division of the state or well known as “Knowledge Centre”, Kota Samarahan has been on the Government's development radar screen for the past 10 years, and it looks set to remain that way in the foreseeable future. Among the enviable projects which have been implemented or earmarked there are Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), UiTM (Sarawak Campus), Samarahan Teachers' Training College, the proposed Cyber Village, biotechnology park, world-renowned Mayo Clinic, and the Sarawak International Medical Centre or also its called as with population of 204,900 (2000 census). Besides this, presenting on of the best of entertainment, shopping and living, discover everything you need and more in one prime location "CENTRAL WORLD". Situated within the versatile commercial development, you will be greeted by various type of business structure suited with air-conditioned corridor which showcases a touch of class and sophistication. Hailing the birth of a brand new landmark that celebrates Kuching's ecstatic rhythm of life - Central World. sited at the crux of Kuching City, this exclusive commercial center stands majestically along only 10 minutes from the city, located along the new upgraded highway leading to The ISTHMUS. Central World is a splendid combination of well thought development, quality craftsmanship, convenience and a superb location. Chen Ling has over 20 over years of project and property development experience in hand with other on going projects such as "EE ANN CITY"  at 7th Mile where the commercial buildings build within the Strategies location and "TAMAN JELITA"   (also known as Taman Tunku) in Miri, with the development of more than 2,000 units residential and commercial property.

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